NEWBORN – The first few years …

„The first three years of caregiving determine a child’s lifelong social skills and academic achievement“
– S. Olson, Medical Daily

Give birth to a child and immerse yourself in the first years of parenting in this challenging decision-making game. Swipe cards left or right to decide what’s best for your newborn child. Watch your resources and you will survive these critical years to see what your baby will become one day.

From Beggar to President, everything is possible!

Happy parenting :)

newbornMainMenu newbornGameScreen newbornHistory newbornEndScreen



One of the most tedious tasks when doing your laundry is to find the matching pairs of socks afterwards. This matching cards game is designed to train your „matching-the-socks“ skill in an entertaining way.

Depending on how many moves you need to match all pairs of socks, you’ll be given a reward which you can share on Facebook.

Play a perfect game and you’ll be rewarded the colorful master-sock!

Enjoy :)

seLogo sockoryMainMenu sockoryGameScreen sockoryReward

EXITUS PER PEDES – An interactive detective story


In this interactive story you help the Inspector and his assistant Milton in their investigation of a mysterious murder case. During the story you will be asked to make decisions, and your goal is to find your way to the end of the story. Every decision that you make can bring you closer to solving the case. But be warned: there are also wrong decisions which can lead your investigations to a dead end.

seLogo eppMainMenu_madame_v2?w=169 storyEN eppMainMenu_inspektor_v2

ARE YOU PSYCHIC? – The Esper Game

„If you think you’re psychic … maybe you are!“

Test your ExtraSensory PERception in this telepathy test game. Do the practice session to foresee black or red cards in a standard french deck. If you think you’re up to the task, proceed to the Zener Test to check which ESPER Level you are.

Note: this test does not replace an official test at your nearest ESPER recruitment center ;)

seLogo mainMenu zenerTest01 zenerTest02

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